Attorney Nana Gyamfi

Nana Gyamfi is a human rights and criminal defense attorney, an adjunct professor in the Pan African Studies Department at California State University Los Angeles, and the host of the radio show and podcast “Conversations On the Way: The Asafo Edition", and an organizer and activist associated with various local, national, and international campaigns in support of Black lives.

Attorney Gyamfi, affectionately called “The People’s Attorney” by the communities she serves, has consistently and zealously sought to address the social justice challenges affecting the community through legal advocacy and in-the-trenches involvement in community causes and activism. She is the co-founder of Justice Warriors 4 Black Lives, a network of community members fighting on the legal front lines of Black liberation. She is also the founder of the  Community Legal Clinic and Transformative Justice Center, providing legal consultations, advocacy, alternate dispute resolution, and LegalEase Workshops regarding civil and human rights.

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